Everyone Can Enjoy Some Time Spent Relaxing in Loungewear

We can all relate to the bliss we feel when we get home and change into our comfortable and cozy loungewear. It is the latest trend for at-home wardrobe. Whether it’s for relaxing or working, this clothing category will make you feel stylish even if you're being a couch potato. While it is made for comfort, it has a touch of sophistication and style. This new clothing category is creating a transformation from sweats and pajamas into a brand new chic at-home style.

Both men and women enjoy this essential category that falls between sleepwear and athleisure. Even shoes are making their way into this category with comfy slippers and other types of house shoes. Loungewear is perfect for those that seek to liberate themselves from tightly fitting clothes but still want to look stylish. It’s a pretty great combination to try out. 

Loungewear for Men

Men are enjoying loungewear that features ultra-soft fabrics and 21st-century tailoring. Loungewear pieces are super comfortable while providing elevated classics that are perfect for layering. Long-sleeve tees, ACE sweatpants, and micro-sanded French terry pieces are all essential pieces for a man's loungewear collection.

Another great piece to have is the jersey boxer briefs that combine ultra-soft cotton with a breathable design. Lots of men favor a matching set such as elastic ankle sweats with matching sweatshirts. Many of these looks are inspired by the '90s, an era when this type of look became popular.

A must-have piece for men is drawstring cotton pants, they can easily be paired with a button-down shirt for a more fashionable look. Some pieces look so trendy that they can even pass for casual outfits that can be worn out.

Loungewear for Women

Women frequently enjoy a soft and cozy pair of joggers, baggy pullovers, and other loose pieces that can be mixed and matched with various comfortable garments. A popular piece is a high-waisted legging made from soft fabrics with a cross-over waistline for maximum support.

Another staple in your closet should be a crewneck sweatshirt that has a drop-shoulder design and thumb-hole cuffs made from a luxurious fleece material. It provides the best comfort while appearing polished.

Jogger lounge sweatpants provide a trendy style while allowing maximum comfort. They come in a variety of styles and materials that can be paired with many types of comfy tops. 

A popular choice is wearing a long-sleeve sweatsuit in a solid color or cool print. They are often found in the tracksuits category and are designed for women of all sizes. Many of them feature cropped pants and an elastic waistband for maximum comfort.

Popular Brands

More style options have come to market in the last decade with high-end fashion designers embracing the new loungewear trend. The following brands have elevated loungewear to go beyond sweatshirts and sweatpants, making loungewear perfect for in or out of the house.

  • Terry - Terry is an Australian brand named after the fabric that is used in many of its items. Terry Cloth is soft and airy, making it ultra-comfortable. Some popular pieces are their kimono, estate shorts, and Isola skirt.
  • Pangaia - Pangaia is a direct-to-consumer brand that you will find all over social media. The brand is known for its sustainable design that uses bio-based recycled fabrics and fibers that are composed of recycled plastic bottles paired with natural botanical dyes. The brand offers a wide array of pieces including hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and other timeless garments.
  • Wol Hide - Wol Hide was started for the purpose of creating sustainable fashionable sweaters that make loungewear the coziest category in your wardrobe. The brand uses quality materials including organic cotton and Pima cotton that provide the most luxurious softness. This eco-friendly brand is committed to sustainable practices and works with family-run factories that focus on women hand-knitters. They strive for socially conscious production practices. Their collection is geared towards a minimalist style and warm colors. The tones are inspired by nature with beige, grey, and earthy colors that feel like a day outdoors.
  • Cotton Citizen - This Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand has been a favorite amongst celebrities like Gigi Hadid. They offer a high-end approach to everyday basic pieces. The garments are designed with a relaxed fit with pieces featuring a vintage-inspired distressed wash. Some favorite pieces include their slim-fitting sweatpants, oversized hoodies, and fitted t-shirts.