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5 Easy Pre-Workout Snack Ideas Before Your Hour-long Workout

Before your workout fuels your muscles to be stronger, you must fuel your body the right way to make your sweaty time as effective as possible. 

The best way to do so? Eating the right food before you head out for that run, spin class, or hour at the gym.

If your workout is less than an hour long and is low to intermediate intensity, then you’ll be just fine without a pre-workout bite. But if you’re doing a more vigorous workout like HiiT or short distance interval sprints, then you’re better off giving your muscles a pre-workout helping hand!

That’s because your body runs on glycogen, its most accessible form of “fuel”, which is best obtained from high-carb food. Yes, that’s right, carbs are good! The trick is to find the perfect combination of high-carb, low-fiber, and low-fat snacks that will fuel your body without upsetting your stomach.

We’ve done the math so you don’t have to and came up with 5 easy, quick, and filling snacks to make your workout great, every time: 

1- 2% yogurt + 1 cup berries

The yogurt with give you a boost of protein, calcium, and potassium, while the berries will fuel your body with low-calorie carbs to get you through your workout. 

2- 1 teaspoon of honey or maple syrup + 3 graham crackers

This is a carb-filled snack that fuels your body while taking minimal time for it to be digested. Perfect for days when you’re running late. 

3- ½ cup cottage cheese + 1 carrot

Carrots and cottage cheese go together deliciously, making the combo ideal for a tasty pre-workout snack. The cheese will provide your body with protein, vitamin D, and calcium, and the carrot will fill you up with sweet carbs to make your workout more energized. 

4- 2 plain Digestive cookies + 1 date

This is a high-carb, fast-acting snack that is easily digested. The date will give your body all the energy it needs, along with vital minerals and vitamins for your workout.

5- 1 cup Special K cereal + ½ cup 2% milk

The low-fat milk will give your body a great boost of protein and carbohydrates without piling on the fat, while the low-fiber Special K cereal will give you low-calorie carbs to fuel your body the right way. 

Make sure to stretch before and after your workout and, of course, to drink enough water before and during to keep your body hydrated.