Do Good Mattresses Have Health Benefits?

A good night’s sleep balances out a person mentally and reduces sleep deprivation health risks. Sleep keeps your hormones leveled. It also gives you more energy during the day. Your immune system becomes strong, which allows you to fight off illness and avoid getting sick.

When you sleep for eight hours, it increases your ability to learn and retain new information. The chance of developing depression is lowered, and you eat less food. Since your hormones are affected by the amount of sleep you get, not sleeping for the full eight hours can cause weight gain. Being tired during the day tends to make you hungry, so you snack and eat more. If you do not get sleep at night, you increase the risk of becoming obese and many other health issues.

Although there are many tips on how to sleep better at night, one of the best things you can do is have a good mattress. A well-made mattress can dramatically improve your ability to get a good night’s sleep. You can get fitted for a mattress to see how firm or soft it is and how it supports your body.

The mattress you choose must support your body and provide comfort for your sleep position. It should be hypoallergenic and made from the most natural materials available. A good mattress will assist with abating physical pain and soothing your pressure points.

1. Can a good mattress relieve chronic back pain?

A: The effects of chronic back pain can make it impossible to sleep at night. If your mattress is worn, you may find yourself tossing and turning in order to find a comfortable sleep position. When you suffer from back pain, you must sleep on an even surface and firm mattress. The pressure placed on your vertebrae during the day should be released when you sleep.

A good mattress is made to alleviate the pressure on your spine at night and keep your weight leveled when lying down. It will provide support to your spine, make sleeping a pleasant experience and reduce your back pain.

2. Does a good mattress improve sleep patterns?

A: Sometimes body heat can prevent you from sleeping through the night. A traditional mattress does not absorb body heat and keeps it trapped. This can cause your bed to be hot and make you sweat. A good mattress that absorbs your body heat can help you sleep better. This type of mattress manages body heat, so extra warmth does not keep you up at night.

There are memory foam mattresses developed to control the heat that exudes while you sleep. If heat is an issue, sleeping on an open-cell memory foam will allow air to flow through your mattress and remove excess heat.

3. Can a good mattress relieve stress?

A: If you are dealing with stress, having the right mattress is imperative. Stress contributes to health problems such as heart disease, obesity and asthma. When you sleep on a good mattress, it reduces stress and improves your health.

An adjustable mattress has therapeutic massage motors in the bed that clear away tension while you sleep. They are silent and do not disturb you or cause any discomfort during sleep. These beds also have heat to soothe your aching muscles and a feature that allows you to raise your head and feet to remove pressure.

4. How does a good mattress help reduce allergy symptoms?

A: Since mattresses can hold dust mites, microbes and mildew they tend to increase allergy symptoms. They are triggers that make it difficult to sleep on a mattress made with traditional innersprings. A good mattress made with memory foam or natural latex can minimize allergic reactions and reduce respiratory problems. They do not allow microorganisms to thrive and keep fungus and mold from forming.

A hypoallergenic mattress made of natural latex or memory foam will help you sleep with allergies. The materials they are made to decrease nasal congestion, coughing and headaches. You will have a cleaner sleeping environment free from irritants and bugs that can make you sick.

5. Will a good mattress get rid of body aches?

A: When you sleep on a mattress made with metal springs, you can wake up with aching muscles and soreness. This may cause you to feel tired in the morning because it is difficult to sleep comfortably. A mattress that is too firm or soft and does not support your body weight can make your muscle ache too. A good mattress with medium to firm support can ease the pain for people that sleep on their backs. On the other hand, a soft mattress made of latex memory foam alleviates body aches for side sleepers.

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