The Different Types of Crossfit Equipment

If you’re considering adding CrossFit equipment to your home gym you need to read our guide on the different types of CrossFit equipment available to you.

What are the Different Types of Crossfit Equipment?

The Different Types of CrossFit Equipment

Olympic Barbell

Of all the different types of CrossFit equipment, an Olympic weightlifting barbell should be one of the first pieces of cross fit equipment you purchase. Don’t be cheap when it comes to buying a bar as you will pay for it later on. If you pick up a $125 bar it will bend easily and end up in the scrapyard straight away, so expect to pay at least $200 for a decent one.

Barbells are designed for both men and women, with a standard men’s barbell weighing 20kg while women’s weighs 15kg. They also have different dimensions on the bar to cater for different size hands.

Bumper Plates

Once you have purchased your bar you will need weights for it. We recommend getting a set of bumper plates from a good brand such as Rogue, American Barbell or Vulcan. It is cheaper to buy bumper plates in sets, so look out for CrossFit packages for bumper plates. When buying your bumper plates find CrossFit packages which have weights that are the next set up from what you can currently lift, as you won’t feel benefits of a pair that you can easily lift.

Pull-up Bar

There are a couple of different ways you can set up a pull-up bar. You can buy or build pull-up bars that can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. You can also get squat stands that include a pull-up bar. You need a pull-up bar to work out back, and they don’t cost too much, so there’s no need to manufacture a DIY version.

Gymnastic CrossFit Rings

Gymnastic CrossFit rings are a fantastic way to build up upper strength, so when you are purchasing the different types of CrossFit equipment, make sure you buy a decent pair to perform moves such as pushups, muscle ups, front levers and ring dips. CrossFit rings can be made of wood, plastic or metal. It’s up to you which ones you chose as they are not expensive to buy, so it all comes to down to personal preference.

Jump Rope

When looking at the different types of CrossFit equipment, you may find that some equipment is quite expensive. Luckily, a jump rope is a very inexpensive piece of cross fit equipment and that everyone can include in their CrossFit gym equipment collection. They’re great for double-unders and you can incorporate a jump rope into many high-intensity workouts.


The Different Types of Crossfit Equipment


A full set of kettlebells can be expensive, so start with only a few so you can perform common exercises such as swing and clean. If you decide to purchase kettlebells ensure that they don’t have a casting seam on the handle as it will hurt your hands and don’t get ones that are epoxy coated as it will flake and chip very easily.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are a great piece of CrossFit gym equipment for strength training and can be used for wallballs, cleans, push-ups and core exercises such as the plank. They are usually sold in varying sizes between 1-11kg and can be very effective in increasing your strength.

Plyometric Box

A plyometric box is very cheap to buy but if you really want to save your dollars you can DIY one of these yourself. Plyo-boxes are available in many different varieties such as wood, metal, adjustable and angled, and you can also get them in different heights. You can use them for many different  box jumps, step ups, and box squats.

CrossFit Games Shoes and Clothing

Once you figure out which of the different types of cross fit equipment you want to purchase, you need to think about CrossFit games shoes and clothing. If you compete or are considering competing in CrossFit games, then you should have the clothing and CrossFit games shoes to go with it. Online stores such as offer everything you need so you will be kitted out properly with the right gear, and you can also find outfits and accessories on the Reebok website.