Different Kitchen Appliances Can Promote Healthy Eating

There’s a reason that infomercials for small kitchen appliances focus on healthy eating. Almost everyone wants to eat a little healthier. However, many feel they don’t have the time or the ability to do so and in turn, can blame other factors for not eating healthy. Sometimes they blame the appliances they own. 

The truth is that a lot of people only have so much effort and willpower when it comes to their diet. However, if the ability to do something healthier is just sitting there with no greater effort, they will usually take that choice! Good kitchen appliances will make cooking easier. In addition, they will make the food cooked taste better! Which appliances play the biggest role in helping choose a healthier diet? This article will examine kitchen appliances and determine which types provide assistance in eating a healthier diet. 

Small Kitchen Appliances

The small appliance boom occured in the 1950s. Suddenly small kitchen appliances were appearing throughout kitchens across America. Recipes specifically designed to use a specific appliance spurred this creation. Today, small kitchen appliances are often combined together with others in an effort to save space. Some of the common small kitchen appliances include: 

  • Microwave - The microwave is a triumph for science, but not necessarily for healthy eating. When used responsibly, the microwave can help cook food rapidly. However, there are many unhealthy options designed to be made quickly in the microwave. It’s up to the individual to not go overboard. 
  • Toasters - The toaster is one of the true classics. Toasted bread makes tastier sandwiches and helps at breakfast. To keep a healthy diet, just avoid frozen junk food that’s cooked in the toaster. 
  • Juicers - Juicers are often a sign that someone is trying to become more health conscious. By making and drinking their own vegetable or fruit juice, they are trying to avoid added sugars. 
  • Blenders/Mixers - This is one small kitchen appliance which has actually proven very successful at helping people eat healthier. The concept of the breakfast smoothie has allowed many people to turn away from just having a donut or black coffee in the morning. Breakfast smoothies made of fruit and yogurt provide a high level of nutrients, vitamins and good bacteria. 
  • Steamers - Steamers can be very useful in steaming vegetables and avoiding extra added oils and calories. Depending on the type, they can also be used as steam trays to keep food warm when serving large groups. 

Large Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to large kitchen appliances, there’s really only three, with only affecting your diet. The stove and the fridge. Modern stoves may feature convection or other cooking styles. Smart technology allows difficult but healthy food to be cooked more easily. 

Smart fridges are an excellent piece of technology. They allow for food to be stored at the perfect temperature, increasing shelf life. Some will even periodically take pictures of the interior each time the door is closed, so you can check what is contains while you’re at the store. Quality refrigerators should last a long time and always keep your food fresh, so you don’t need to resort to unhealthy take out. 

The final important large kitchen appliance is the dishwasher. While admittedly it doesn’t often play a role in what a person eats, there are times when it may. Hand washing dishes is very tedious. A person is more likely to choose to eat something quick and unhealthy which produces few dishes to wash, rather than choosing a healthy food item that will require extensive cleanup afterward. A dishwasher can cut through this.