Curb Your Post-Workout Cravings

It seems pretty logical that exercise and food go hand in hand. It only makes sense that after you work your body to the bone, you feed it with fuel to go again. But, research and studies found that certain exercises and activities will make you crave particular food (the sugary type), making you the ultimate “hangry” person.

So, what can you do to curb the sugar filled, starch needing cravings?


A 2013 study discovered the weight-bearing activities could actually control your need to eat sugary food.
That doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming or cycling anymore. It just means that you should be trying more weight to ground exercises more. So maybe, once a week swimming, and the rest of the time you do exercises that involve gravity, like jumping.


Many of us confuse dehydration for hunger. Before you decide to get that donut you’re craving, think about your workout, you were sweating (even if it was minor) and you probably didn’t drink much water. So, hold that donut thought for a minute and grab a bottle of water, see how you feel afterward, that hungry feeling might go away because your body was asking for water.


How many times have you sat down to watch TV, got bored, and went to the kitchen to get something to eat? It happens, we get bored, so we eat.
Rather than raiding your kitchen cupboards, grab a yoga mat and do some stretches. You’ll feel better, more flexible, and would have saved yourself from the mindless binge.


Does it not seem logical that to curb hunger you should eat?
Yes, you’re confused. We don’t mean you should go all out and eat everything in sight. We mean about 15 - 30 minutes before your workout have a snack. Your post-workout cravings are often because your body feels that it is lacking all types of different nutrients. Give your body what it needs before you put it through stress. You’ll feel better, that’s for sure! And your workout will be much better because you have the right energy before you power through it.

Exercise Is Your Reward

What do you think before a workout? Do you think of your workout as a punishment?
Then this is where you’re going wrong. If you’re having negative thoughts about exercising, then you need to take a step back and think about how it is actually positive and good for you.
For example, you feel stronger, you feel better, you feel happier, and let’s not forget the shower after a workout, that is the ultimate refreshed feeling!


Maybe you lift weights, maybe you go cycling, maybe you go swimming, or maybe you go with what you feel like doing. But, did you ever consider doing interval training?
Well, if you didn’t, maybe you should. One study found that people who do interval-style exercises had fewer calories after their workouts. This study tested out two different groups, one of interval exercises and one of moderate exercise, both groups exercised for the same amount of time. The researchers found the group that carried out interval training triggered their appetite hormone, but also increased their blood sugars, which suppressed their hunger!

So, where have you been going wrong?