Could Your Workout Apparel Be Better?

Exercise has never been more accessible to people. The number of people working out continues to rise. The health benefits are more easily understandable and that information has led to people wanting to take care of their bodies. In order to workout properly though, you need the right apparel. 

Workout apparel or “activewear” as it is often described is certainly its own subsection of the fashion industry. Unlike many other sections of fashion, activewear needs to serve a purpose. It needs to help people feel comfortable during workouts in which they are often hot, sweaty and performing a lot of movement. This may be easier said than done. The needs for workout apparel for both men and women are roughly similar. If you think your workout apparel may not be making the grade, keep reading for some basic thoughts and ideas. 

Women’s Workout Apparel

Women’s workout apparel starts with a good sports bra. A proper sports bra won’t rub or chafe. It offers support for breasts and keeps them from shifting or bouncing uncomfortably. Seamless sports bras with ventilation and extra strap padding are ideal. 

Leggins and yoga pants are often the next step. A good pair of yoga pants provides comfort, support and wicks away moisture. There’s no chance at loss of motion as they move right along with legs. Most women choose a light tank top or t-shirt for their workout attire. These can be tight or loose based on preference. A great pair of shoes is important as well. Athletic shoes that offer excellent grip should be the main consideration. Ideally, they should be well ventilated to allow air to pass over the feet and cool them. Extra support for the ankles can also be helpful if there’s been injuries there in the past. 

Men’s Workout Apparel

Men’s workout apparel is usually the same as women’s with a couple of differences. Typically, men tend toward athletic shorts. These are usually baggier than shorts chosen by women. These are made of materials intended to allow airflow to pass as thoroughly as possible. Choosing shoes and socks that can help keep feet dry will avoid the dreaded “Athlete’s Foot” from appearing after a workout has been completed. Even when indoors, many men have chosen to workout in heavier apparel sometimes. Workout hoodies and sweatshirts can be surprisingly common, especially if they are worn with longer tear away style workout pants. While men tend to avoid items made mostly of spandex, almost all men’s workout apparel has some degree of flexibility. This often comes from a small amount of spandex being included into the weaves that might otherwise feature cotton, nylon, bamboo or other fabrics. 

Popular Brands

When it comes to workout apparel, it’s a boom market. More people than ever before are trying to stay healthy and fit. Many just love the look of the clothing as well! It’s true that the primary purpose of workout apparel is to enhance the exercise appearance. But it certainly doesn’t hurt if you look good while you’re doing it. Many of the best brands are worldwide giants who make every conceivable item. Others are growing into their popularity. Some of the best brands in the world for both men’s and women’s apparel include: 

  • Fabletics
  • Nike
  • Lululemon
  • Under Armor
  • Reebok
  • Vie Active