The Top 5 Common Kettlebell Mistakes People Make

There’s no doubt about it, using a kettlebell can be a great tool that helps you build muscle, boost your metabolism, and the ultimate goal, burn off that unwanted fat. 

Just like anything else in the gym setting, people make mistakes and blunders all the time. But, if you want to see results with the handy kettlebell then you really should be avoiding these mistakes, and not repeating it over and over again. 

1- Holding Your Breath

Breathing is key to any exercise you’re doing, whether it’s running, weightlifting, bodyweight training, or anything else that falls under physical activity. So, if you’re not breathing right and you tend to hold your breath, then you really need to pay more attention to a simple involuntary action that you need to do to get oxygen to all your muscles.

2- Swinging Problems

How many times have you seen someone doing a kettlebell swing? In a gym, plenty enough. You can always pick up when someone is swinging too high and arching their back way too much. When it comes to swinging, you need to remember your form. Start from the bottom, use your hips to push your arms and kettlebell up, and make sure your back stays aligned. Lower the weights if you’re not doing it right, it can end pretty badly if you can’t control the weight. 

3- Not Switching Things Up 

This applies to everything gym related really. Your body is an incredible tool that gets used to things really quickly. If you keep repeating the same thing day in and day out, then you’ll stop noticing changes and, eventually, you’ll just get bored and demotivated. So, why not try one day of heavyweight and slow motions, and the next lighter weight and quicker movements. 

4- Too Light 

We get that a lot of people are scared of injuring themselves when it comes to lifting or swinging weights. But, if your body is not changing then maybe it’s time to increase those weights. Ever noticed how some people lift much more than their weight? It’s because they’re body can do it, and they understand when it’s time to increase the weights.

5- Form, Form, And Form

If you really want to see results, then you really do need to make sure you’ve got your form down to a T. Imagine construction workers building a skyscraper with wonky columns, what’s going to happen? It’ll fall apart, right? So, make sure your form is right for progress, results, and injury prevention. 

The gym is for training, so you’re always learning about your body and new exercises. Take the time to focus on the basics if you want to see insane results.