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Coffee | The “Rocky” Diet

Bodybuilding and fitness have changed so much over the years. Through all the change, the main definition of ripped and shredded, without a doubt, was Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 3. The man was not a man, he was a beast and looked incredible.

He looked healthy, fit, and everyone wanted his physique, but that was all on the outside, inside he wasn’t doing too great.

Image Credit: YouTube

His body fat percentage was pretty much nonexistent (2.9% - that’s nothing)! And well, if your body stores fat, it’s there for a reason, right?

Stallone admitted in a social media post that he pretty much put his body through hell to get that physique. He was following a dangerous and unhealthy diet.

Image Credit: YouTube

In his post, Stallone said he was having, “very small portions of brown rice oatmeal cookies,” that can’t be good for the physical activity he was putting his body through. He then continued to say that he was having “up to 25 cups of coffee a day” In his coffee he had tuna and honey. Ignoring the honey and tuna, what? What? What? 25 cups of coffee, he might as well have been sipping on pre-workout through the day!

Could you imagine that after filming every boxing round he would get so dizzy and extremely exhausted that he would go to a corner and do a handstand? Why? To rush the blood back to his head, that diet must’ve been fatal.

Bodybuilders nearing a competition drop their body fat to the level Stallone reached, but studies and research have shown that low body fat decreases a person’s heart rate (putting other health problems aside). The man literally put himself in danger to get that body!

Image Credit: officalslystallone

Even though he’s admitted that it wasn’t wise, it doesn’t seem like he regrets it. Would you ever do that? What would motivate you to push your body that far?

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