Choosing the Right Software When Opening a Gym

Choosing the right software when opening a gym can be a daunting task, so we have compiled a list of what you need to consider before buying it.

Learn About Choosing the Right Software When Opening a Gym

So you’ve got your gym all set up ready for opening, but then you realize you still need to sort out gym membership software. It can feel a little bit overwhelming especially because there are so many options out there, so we have a guide on what you need to look for to ensure you are choosing the right software when opening a gym.

Why do you Need Gym Membership Software?

Your purpose as a gym owner is improve the health and well-being of people in your community. It can be hard work running your own gym and if you have to undertake manual administrative tasks, this means you will be spending less time with your gym members.

What you need to consider when choosing the right software when opening a gym, is whether it will be used enough to warrant buying it.

First of all you should list the reasons why you need it, such as do you want a clear understandable system all set up to keep track of your gym memberships, workout results and attendance? Are you going to use it to reduce admin time and focus more on your gym members and looking after your gym? Do you want to reduce paperwork? Do you want to spend more time creating and maintaining relationships with other people in the gym and deliver exceptional customer service?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself, before you proceed with choosing the right software when opening a gym.

What Features do you Need?

Choosing the Right Software When Opening a Gym

You might see one that offers booking options for classes and trainers, while another provides scheduling and calendar options for gym classes and can send reminder emails to those who have booked a class. You need to think about the size of your gym, how many members you expect to get, and what facilities are on offer to them. Once you have this information take a look at the following list of features which you can have with gym software, to help you decide in choosing the right software when opening a gym.


Integrated payment processing means you can take control of your payments by being able to mail out billing reminders, invoices and more with automated emails. This allows for you to collect your payments more effectively making the task obtaining payments less stressful.

Reservation System

You can keep track of all the people booked for classes and trainers with a reservation system. Some types of gym software allow you to integrate the reservation system to an online calendar on your website or a mobile app, so members can make their own reservations without having to contact a member of staff at the gym via phone or in person. It will also make it easier for members to see what classes are on and whether there are any events coming up that they may be interested in.


If you host group fitness classes or sessions then it can be hard to keep track of your schedule, especially if you decide to update it and need to inform your members. When choosing the right software when opening a gym you should consider whether you need a scheduling tool to assist you in putting together your class and session schedule. Some pieces of gym software provide an online scheduling tool which simplifies the look of your schedule and makes it user friendly and easy to read. They also sometimes have the option to upload your updates schedule onto your gym website or social accounts.

Mobile App

Most more modern gym membership software offers a mobile app which can be used by staff and members. The app can be used just like the software with clients being able to make reservations and book classes and sessions, while staff can update schedules and edited upcoming events, as well as use it to send out reminders to members.

Where can I find gym membership software?

Now that you have clear idea of what features you want and how you are going to use your gym membership software you need to source it. If you visit the website, it provides you with a list of different gym software and gym membership software with ratings and the price of them to help you in choosing the right piece of software when opening a gym.