Choose the Right Pilates Equipment for Your Workout

Read our guide to the range of pilates equipment available to you, to help you choose the right pilates equipment for your workout.

Why you Need to Choose the Right Pilates Equipment For Your Workout

Selecting the right apparatus can increase productivity, improve your workout and boost safety, so that’s why you need to choose the right pilates equipment for your workout. In this guide we explore a range of equipment which you can use to help improve your pilates performance.

Joseph Pilates Equipment Options

When it comes to the issue of how to choose the right pilates equipment for your workout, there are two options which originate from Joseph Pilates original equipment designs, which are a pilates floor mat or Reformer. Both give a great pilates workout that will leave you feeling satisfied with each session. If price is an issue, the choice may be made for you. Floor mats cost much less than their mat counterparts. It's still a reasonably priced choice for the home, but you have to consider how many times you will use it in a year to evaluate its value. Among Joseph pilates equipment choices, this item is arguably your best bet for a professional experience. Another factor might be portability. If your sessions are regularly done at other facilities or while traveling to various places throughout the world, it's essential to think about something that moves with you.

Pilates Floor Mat Or Reformer Basics

The Advantages Of Floor Mats

With the mat, the main advantage is portability. When it comes to group workouts, the mats stand above the competition. There are many classes for those using the mat but fewer Reformer sessions. On the mat, you can use bands that offer resistance, which can provide a similar workout to the Reformer. These bands can be used anywhere, just like the mat, without changing pilates equipement. Mats are also great for beginners as they learn pilates, although they can also be used for those with an advanced level of mastery and can provide a cushion while working out. For beginners who are in search of floor mats, you might benefit from buying wholesale Pilates equipment in order to try it out at a cheap price before buying more expensive equipment.

The Advantages Of Floor Mats

The Disadvantages Of Floor Mats

If you are leaning toward heavy workouts and constant use, floor mats may not always be the best choice. Some floor mats are made with materials that cannot stand up to years of wear and tear. Mats that are resistant to slippage from movement should be the top choice among this category of pilates equipement. They should also be moisture-resistant due to sweat. One drawback is that there are fewer exercise choices with the mat, with only around 50 options if you are just using your body. The Reformer, meanwhile, has around 250 individual exercises, so that’s why it’s important to choose the right pilates equipment for your workout. Another thing to consider is that the mat allows for working on your core while the Reformer works the entire body. That all-over workout can really make a difference as you work to achieve the perfect body. If you're looking to work on just one particular area of your body, the floor mat may not be what you're looking for.

The Disadvantages Of Floor Mats

The Advantages Of Reformers

The Reformer is a piece of equipment used for pilates. Joseph Pilates developed the Reformer to help achieve exercise goals, and it has quickly become a staple of many gyms. It has a series of springs, cables, bars and pulleys with a frame like a bed. With the Reformer, you can lie down, be seated, or stand to do a workout. This is low-impact for those with joint or health issues and excellent for physical therapy. The Reformer adjusts to change resistance and height depending on what you want. It supports the body, whereas a mat makes the body support itself. Pilates professionals suggest a private class or two before going to group classes. It also offers a more strenuous workout, which allows you to see results sooner. If you're worried about costs, look for wholesale pilates equipment. Those deals can help you try a Reformer without committing to an overly expensive piece of equipment that you might not use after a short period of time.

The Advantages Of Reformers

The Disadvantages Of Reformers

There are some disadvantages for the Reformer when comparing pilates floor mat or Reformer. Among Joseph Pilates equipment, this one can be pretty complicated. Many fitness experts agree that the system can be challenging for anyone who is new to sports so you need to take this into consideration in order to choose the right pilates equipment for your workout. When searching for the best Reformer, consider what are the top pilates Reformer brands. In fact, the best-selling pilates Reformer brands gained their reputation from safer, better-made items. That means working out without the fear of an item breaking or getting damaged. It also never hurts to talk with other Reformer users or even trainers to learn what might be the best choice on the market. Their experience with Reformers can help you navigate the possible disadvantages of owning a Reformer for daily sessions.

Do They Differ From Yoga Pilates Equipment?

The short answer is yes and no. Yoga pilates equipment pieces have their own origins. In terms of the exercises that are needed to complete a yoga or pilates session, there is a difference. While yoga pilates equipment focuses on as little equipment as possible, Pilates encourages the use of items such as a Reformer to reach fitness goals. In most areas, they offer similar results, especially when it comes to floor mats. Whether you focus on yoga or pilates, the decision is still important. The decision should ultimately rest on one simple factor: which exercise regimen you'll be pursuing.