Celebrity Body Transformations

It’s always jaw dropping to see people go from huge to skinny, skinny to buff, or average to ripped. But, when you do you get motivated at the proof that anyone has the ability to change their body and their lives for the better or in some cases the best. 

It’s all about being motivated, staying motivated, the amazing power of hard work, self-belief, and consistency. 

Now, we know that not all shredded celebrities started that way. A lot of them started off as really skinny or overweight, but some major role came their way, and they needed to be in tip top shape. So, we know that celebrities are just like us average folk who struggle with their weight and their goals.

Check out these incredible celeb body transformations and be inspired to become the YOU that you want to be! 

Zac Efron

Image Credit: YouTube

Who would have imagined this kid as ripped, hot, and buff back when he hit the screens in 2000 with his performance in High School Musical? 

Hugh Jackman

Image Credit: YouTube

With this year’s release of Wolverine and the depressing ending, Hugh, you will be missed in anything and everything X-Men related. Go on you know you want to go through an X-Men marathon to see how his body goes from eh, to wow, to oh my! 

Robert Downey Jr. 

Image Credit: YouTube

You can be apart of the Avengers and not be smoking hot. It just doesn’t add up. It only makes sense the Iron Man would have rock hard abs and killer guns (without the suit)! 

Channing Tatum 

Image Credit: YouTube

Come on; you can’t be the main character in Step Up and not be sporting a 6 pack, can you? Nah, he had to look killer! Not that it was his only movie, but a man with a body to die for and can dance, what else would you want to think about? 

Jake Gyllenhaal 

Image Credit: YouTube

Well done, Jake! This guy changes his appearance to suit his movie roles every time. He brings his A-game on screen that’s for sure. But, his transformations are always so extreme that you can’t help but be taken back at this guy’s dedication. Before he was the shredded boxer in Southpaw, he was the skinny creepy guy getting all the violent footage to the press in Nightcrawler. Please keep the killer bod! 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Image Credit: YouTube

Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you know his name, and you’ve seen him in ads for Armani and so much more. As one of the highest paid soccer players he’s always been fit, but the tiny fit. Not anymore. Now, he’s flashing off his new and improved physique, tax evasion cases aside. 

The Rock - Dwayne Johnson

Image Credit: YouTube

Remember when he used to wrestle in WWE? He started in as a college football player, then a wrestler, then an actor and then and then and then. His stardom list is endless. The Rock has always been known for being built, and now well… And now… What more can we say? 

Chris Pratt

Image Credit: YouTube

Dad bod? Now, when, why and what happened to this guy? He used to be flabby and well, loveable with the daddy looking body. What was his motivation? Movie roles, of course. He didn’t rank #2 on People’s magazine’s Sexist Man Alive for no reason; he’s just dreamy! 

Chris Hemsworth

Image Credit: YouTube

Ah, another Chris. Battle of the Chris’s anyone? Would be interesting to see how Thor, Hemsworth, fairs up against the American Sniper. Maybe for another time. 

Matthew Mcconaughy 

Image Credit: YouTube

Anybody else still linking his name to comedy? He’s done great in other films, but How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is all we can think of when his name comes up. Back to what we were actually talking about. Mcconaughy had to put on around 40 pounds for his role in Gold. But, now, he looks incredible! 

Will Smith

Image Credit: YouTube

How did this guy go from scrawny looking in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to having an awesome looking bod? Well, when he played Muhammad Ali in the movie Ali, he had to build up his muscles, learn how to box like the legend, and well change his entire lifestyle. And ever since then, Will Smith has had an incredible body and always looks his best. 

Mark Wahlberg 

Image Credit: YouTube

Okay, maybe not so surprising, if you can remember his modeling days. But, he did put on some weight over the years. But, he had to get buff quick for his role in the movie Pain & Gain. We’re not sure if we prefer the fit looking model or the buff fitness trainer. 

Gerard Butler

Image Credit: YouTube

One word: 300! Yes, you can fall to the floor. His body when he played King Leonidas in 300, was simply JAW DROPPING. He was eye candy for everyone!