Body Contouring And Tummytuck

There are many people out there who have chosen surgical options to encourage their goals of weight loss.  In fact, it’s not just the United States, but the entire world which is often turning to body contouring and tummy tuck surgeries. The reasons for this are often individual, but there are some main reasons that a lot of people have made these choices beyond a flat and gorgeous tummy.

It’s Easier to Manage Weight Loss

The tummy tuck surgery has shown considerable results when it comes to weight loss. Since people are unable to eat large sums of food and feel “full” quicker, overeating is a thing of the past. This makes management of weight easier.

There are many medical journals which have shown the benefits of combined tummy tuck surgery and plastic surgery. These mostly showed sustained weight loss. Those who did regain some weight did so in very small amounts; around 3 lbs per year. For those who did not opt for plastic surgery in addition to stomach surgery, the weight gain was approximately 4 times larger. The combination of the two surgeries makes all the difference!

Better Posture

Those with weak tummy muscles and excess skin will find their posture changes over time. This problem is commonly referred to as “swayback”. After undergoing surgery, the strength and stamina of stomach muscles has a chance to improve and remove this issue. In addition, the spine will suddenly find it has more support from the muscles and will straighten up. Posture is important because of the problems it can cause to the neck and back. Improved posture will help ensure that neck and back pain are a thing of the past.

Improved Urinary Health

Many women suffer from urinary incontinence while they are pregnant. This is referred to as “Stress Urinary Incontinence.” Unfortunately, the bladder will leak during moments of physical stress like laughter or some movement. The procedures we are talking about are common after pregnancy to assist in losing the pregnancy weight. Many women have had incredible results with removing their SUI issues.

Hernia Pain Minimized

It’s very common for people with weak stomach muscles to develop ruptures that become hernias. These can cause severe pain and many medical dangers like causing appendicitis. With a hernia, intestines press through the stomach wall. Fixing this issue can be combined with tummy tuck and body contouring to alleviate the torturous pain that a hernia can cause.

Easier Exercise

Many people find they struggle to exercise when they have excess skin and weak abs. However, an abdominoplasty surgery can change this! Suddenly it’s easier for a person to take part of all the activities they loved. No longer is a bike ride along a lake difficult. Every doctor believes in the benefits of exercise. It’s just a matter of helping the body exercise more easily.

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