Bloated? These Foods Will Have You Feeling Flat Again

Oh dear god, not that feeling again. That heavy feeling in your stomach that makes your pants feel like they’re about to pop a button; a genuinely horrible feeling that can ruin your day. 

A common cause for bloating is overeating (we do it every Thanksgiving and Christmas), but what if you haven’t eaten much and you still feel like your stomach is a mile in front of you?

Well, time to look at what you’re eating. Are you eating food high in fat? Are you chewing a lot of gum? Are you drinking a lot of soda? 

We don’t want to be negative and tell you to stay away from the things you enjoy eating and drinking. Instead, we’ll tell you what you can eat to eliminate that horrible bloated feeling. 


This green fruit is high in fiber. How does this help you with bloating? It helps move along whatever is irritating your digestive system. 

Actinidin is an enzyme in Kiwis that helps your body digest things like red meat or dairy, which are food that can make your tummy stick out. 

Peppermint & Chamomile Tea

No, don’t mix them together, you only need to have one or the other. 

All throughout history, peppermint tea has been the go-to remedy for tummy pain. And it helps to relax your muscles which will help you pass gas to get rid of that bloated tummy. 

Chamomile, like peppermint, is great for helping with stomach discomfort. This herb is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps you get rid of your bloating by slightly sedating the mucous membrane of your digestive system. 


Bloating isn’t always linked to a gas build up in your digestive system, it could be because you’ve had too much sodium. Enter bananas which balance things out which their potassium. 

If you’re not a fan of bananas, you can have avocados, oranges, or even pistachios. 


This herb, definitely, has some mixed reviews. Some people absolutely love it, and others can’t even stand it. 

But, no one can deny it’s good for your digestive tract. Cilantro contains some really helpful enzymes, like linalool, which are natural remedies to help relax your digestive muscles. 


Okay, not just any yogurt, you need the plain stuff if you want to ditch the bloated feeling. Flavored yogurts are full of sugar which will only bloat you more. 

Plain yogurt is full of bacteria, the gut-friendly kind, called probiotics. These probiotics help you digest and absorb the food you eat, and best of all, stop you from bloating!


Ginger can be used for lots of different discomforts, bloatation being on that list. 

Ginger contains active ingredients, like gingerol, which helps calm your digestive tract which let you pass gas to get rid of your bloatation.


It’s called watermelon for a reason, it’s over 90% water, which helps you, literally, flush out your discomfort.

Melons like honeydew or a cantaloupe will have the same effects. And if you get bored of melons you could always try a cucumber which is from the same family of over 90% water. 


We know, it’s not the easiest fruit to find, but its digestive benefits are countless. 

Papaya contains an enzyme which helps your body break down proteins that cause bloating. 

If you can’t find papaya, you can always opt for a pineapple. Pineapples have an enzyme called bromelain, which works the same as the enzyme found in papaya.

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