The Best Superfoods That Will Make You Lose Weight

Looking to keep sharp, improve your eyesight, and build your bones? Then eating superfoods is what you’ll need to do. 

Oh, we forgot to ask, are you looking to slim down too? 

Well, these superfoods will help you do just that: 

Black beans

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Black beans are an excellent source of protein, one cup of black beans pack 15 grams of yummy protein. Oh, and there’s no saturated fat! 

Kidney beans

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The second type of beans on our list, and like the black beans these are high in fiber and protein. These beans have the healthy resistant starch, too, just 1/2 a cup has 2 grams of this good carb! 


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Nuts are full of healthy fats that help you slim down, now don’t go crazy and eat lots of nuts, it works well in moderation. If you’re hungry between meals snack on a few almonds, you’ll fill up and still lose weight. 

Green tea

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Green Tea is full of antioxidants will up your fat and calorie burning. And it tastes good!


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A great source of protein, fiber and resistant starch (our friendly carb). And it really fills you up! 


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Now, it’s not only the minions that can see the benefit of this fruit. Eating a banana will not only fill you up but will also boost your metabolism, because guess what? It contains that wonderful resistant starch! 


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Eggs are full of protein and work to curb your appetite. You’re wondering about the cholesterol issues… to be fair, bagel or eggs, which would you prefer? 

Dark Chocolate 

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Wow, chocolate managed to sneak onto our list.. could this be a mistake? 

No, we haven’t made a mistake, a little bit of dark chocolate now and then has shown that it can slow digestion letting you feel fuller for longer. Oh, we almost forgot to mention, dark chocolate is loaded with MUFAs, remember these healthy fats put your metabolism into overdrive calorie and fat burn.


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100 grams of this fruit is only 47 calories which are filled with a lot of fiber and has the ability to make you feel full, meaning you eat less throughout your day. 


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Okay, we know, potatoes are really high in carbs, but they are much more filling than one slice of white bread. Remember that resistant starch, well potatoes have that good carb too. So, go on rather than eating 3 slices of white bread, have a small baked potato and you’ll feel fuller for longer. 


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If you’re looking to feel full throughout the day which depriving your body, then oats are the way to go! They are rich in fiber, and half a cup has 4.6 grams of resistant starch, which is a healthy carb that will boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat. 


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Ah, you’re wondering why would eating fats be good for you.. 

Well, Avocados contain oleic acid, which is a healthy compound of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), which are good fats that help to control blood cholesterol, oh and quieten your hunger. Avocados have a lot of fiber and protein too. 


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This is a source of lean protein which makes you feel full without all adding all the extra fattiness. You need to start eating more of this fish because it’s a leaner choice than eating red meat. 


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Now, blueberries are known for their anti-aging effects, but they can also help you maintain your figure. One cup of this small fruit is only 80 calories, and packs 4 grams of fiber, making you feel full. 


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Think about it, one serving of broccoli is less than 30 calories and is full of fiber, and it’s a sure thing that it will help you lose weight. Oh, and you can eat it cooked or raw!

Brown rice

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You’re thinking: what is the difference between brown rice and white rice, right? 

Well, for starters all rice starts as brown rice. But, white rice gets processed to increase its shelf-life, oh, and all the good fibers get stripped away. You may want to consider eating the fibre-packed brown rice which contains resistant starch (remember, those healthy carbs?). 


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One pear gives you 15% of your recommended daily amount of fiber, so what are you waiting for? Just don’t peel away the skin, that’s where all the benefits are.


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Wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that is found in grape skin. This antioxidant stops you from storing fat. Now, we aren’t telling you to go down an entire bottle of wine; we’re just letting you know that a glass now and then can actually boost the calories you burn. 

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