The Best Online Fitness Websites You Should be Visiting

Use the best online fitness websites to take your workouts to a whole new level. Enjoy real talk, confidence boosters and a new approach to fitness.

Discover the Best Online Fitness Websites

You don’t want to miss several sites that help you get more out of the time you spend working out.

Eat, Lift, and Be Happy

When it comes to fitness online, most people are looking for a little bit of everything. They want to learn more about exercise, they want to know more about eating better, and they want to feel empowered. Eat, Lift, and Be Happy does all of this. What separates it from some of the other fitness blogs is the fact that the site can feel like you are getting online fitness training. The author, Neghar Fonooni, is a personal trainer who wants people to be happy with themselves both physically and mentally. She touches on topics like nutrition and fitness but also discusses the importance of being grateful.

Fit Bottomed Girls

With a name like that, it can be tough to overlook this fitness blog. The authors, Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, are easy to relate to. They are struggling to incorporate exercise into their busy lives without making it feel like a punishment. Sound familiar? Instead of a list of facts and exercises, they try to provide a lighthearted look at life and fitness, offering practical tips and help that everyone can appreciate. They have a great blend of motivation, workouts, and laughs that will have you constantly checking back for more. This site might work just as well as your favorite fitness magazine online.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Lift Like a Girl

In the past, doing things “like a girl” might have been a put-down. Now, however, women are starting to embrace the idea, as is the case with one of the best online fitness websites. With the help of the site’s creator, Nia Shanks, you can learn more about fitness that pertains specifically to women. One of the key themes throughout the content is the idea of empowering women. Instead of seeing themselves as less, she wants readers to see themselves as so much more. Here you can find out which exercises are best for your body weight. She discusses how women often punish themselves for eating, which is a mindset that can actually have you going in the wrong direction. For many women, Shanks makes the perfect online fitness trainer.

Lift Like a Girl

Nerd Fitness

If you know anything about Star Trek or Star Wars, this is one of the best online fitness websites for you. Why not incorporate something that you enjoy and something that you are familiar with into your workout and fitness goals? It might be hard to believe, but there are lessons to be learned from movies like Lord of the Rings that you can take advantage of. Creator Steve Kamb works to provide down-to-earth assistance and advice that anyone can appreciate. Even if you don’t know the difference between a Klingon and Kai, you should be able to navigate the site and the online fitness training it provides. Don’t miss out on his reasons for telling you to skip over New Year’s resolutions this year!

Nerd Fitness

Remodel Fitness

Sometimes, people working hard to change their appearance need to take a step back and appreciate the way they look. Women tend to have a negative body image that can actually keep them from reaching their heath and fitness goals. Site creator Jessi Kneeland wants to help women transform the way they see themselves. She doesn’t just publish a list of things for readers to do. Instead, she looks to create thought-provoking content that will both inspire and challenge you. Some of the post titles are sure to get your attention right away.

Roman Fitness Systems

If you like things to be edgy, you don’t want to miss Roman Fitness Systems. John Romaniello, also known as Roman, has produced content that has been described as spicy and candid. While the site does focus on fitness, including science-backed tips on workouts and nutrition, many readers see the site as more than just online fitness training. For some, it becomes online lift training, delving into topics like your situation at work and choices that you are making in your life. Roman is more than just an online fitness trainer; he’ll also remind you of a life coach!

Run to the Finish with Fitness Online

It’s hard to imagine combining fitness online and running, but with Run to the Finish, Amanda Brooks does it effortlessly. She touches on things that will help runners who enjoy spending their time outdoors and those who prefer an indoor treadmill. With lots of useful tips and information, including several convincing reasons for picking up running in the first place, you’ll find yourself checking the site as often as you visit a fitness magazine online. Even if you don’t think running is for you, give the blog a try. Brooks may be able to transform you from a running hater into a running lover.

Yoga Dork

You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to get something out of Yoga Dork as it is one of the best online fitness websites on offer. Bringing together a host of contributors, the site does more than just focus on fitness online. Instead, there is something for everyone. The blog offers information on the latest yoga techniques and research, along with the most up-to-date new information surrounding yoga. There are infographics for those looking for a better way to understand concepts and some really funny posts that will keep you laughing (and working on your core) as you read.