The Best Cardio Machines for Getting Really Fit

Whether you want to trim fat or sculpt muscle, the best cardio machines to get fit can help, but you need to know which ones work well.

The 7 Best Cardio Machines and Cardio Equipment to Get Fit

You know you need cardio workouts. Here are the 7 machines you can use to help reach your goals.

Cybex Arc Trainer 525T

Arc Trainers are cardio machines that have your lower body move in an arc or crescent shape pattern. The non-impact, resistant piece of cardio equipment can give you a variety of workouts that range from easy to difficult. You can change your incline and resistance and even put the aerobic exercise equipment into climbing mode for an even bigger challenge. You burn major calories on an Arc Trainer and you can improve your athleticism and get in a great cardio workout at the same time. Many of the cardio exercise equipment, including the Arc Trainers, are outfitted with heart rate monitoring so you know how far you need to push yourself to get within a certain zone.

Stairmaster Stepmill 3

If you want to get your heart rate up, burn fat and build muscle at the same time, watch for stair climber cardio machines. You can find compact stair climbers that will strengthen your calves, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps while helping you lose weight throughout your body. This model is like an endless staircase that goes until you stop it. You can go as fast or as slow as you want on this cardio equipment. You don't have to race through a workout in order to get a good workout in. You can take things slow and have less impact to your knees while you concentrate on the various muscles you are trying to work. Stair climbers can also be put into different resistance levels for a harder workout.

Stairmaster Stepmill 3

Jacob’s Ladder 2

This piece of cardio exercise equipment looks like a giant staircase, only it sits at a 40-degree angle. If you have any lower back issues, this is one of the best cardio machines to get fit. It takes the stress off the lower back and allows you to climb with a full range of motion as if you were going up a ladder. You can increase the speed and have the rungs move faster or slow them down. You are in charge of how intense the workout is by how fast you move the rungs. You can burn calories and increase your heart rate in no time with a unique piece of aerobic exercise equipment. It’s an unusual piece for someone to have in their homes, but it’s not so large that it can’t fit into the corner of the basement.

Kelser M3+

This exercise bike equipment has a magnetic resistance system that is silent but durable. You don’t have to worry about making too much noise with the equipment when you work out, but your heavy breathing might disturb the others in your home. The backlit computer screen shows you all the details you need, like repetitions per minute, and you can track your fitness and workouts like any pro. You can position the handlebars and seat in four different ways to give you options for your comfort. If you want high-quality exercise bike equipment, you can’t find a spinning bike that is more smooth than this one.

NordicTrack x11l Incline Trainer

You might think a treadmill is a treadmill, but you would be wrong. This trainer has a 6 percent decline and goes all the way up to a 40 percent incline so you can reduce the impact and the intensity whenever you want. You can watch a street view of a real-life route if you get bored of running inside. You can even have the treadmill automatically adjust to match the terrain it senses. Walking can get your heart rate up and when you use the higher inclines, you can really start to burn the calories. The sleek machine isn’t nearly as large and bulky as other treadmills and it does much more than average cardio machines.

NordicTrack x11l Incline Trainer

Schwinn AirDyne AD6

If you want an exercise bike that is user friendly, this is one of the best cardio machines to get fit. The harder you pedal, the higher the resistance gets. You don’t have to change anything at all in order to allow the bike to adjust to the level you need. When you pedal hard, you get a harder workout so be careful what you wish for. The handlebars move back and forth to help you engage your entire body in the workout. You can also gauge your pulse and other items on the screen of the stationary bike. It’s always fun to take the challenge and see how long you can go at max effort before you need a break. You will definitely break a sweat, if nothing else.

Stamina Products InMotion Elliptical Trainer

This small elliptical machine packs a big punch in a tiny package. Studies show that an hour on an elliptical machine can result in over five pounds of weight loss every year and prevent the average one to two pounds of weight gain many people see. This machine can fit almost anywhere, so there is no excuse not to have it around and use it often. It can fit under a desk to keep the legs moving when you are working or you can set it up in front of your TV to watch your favorite show while you get a workout in. Since it is so small and portable, it's also convenient. One of the best cardio machines to get fit is one that you can take with you anywhere you need it.

Stamina Products InMotion Elliptical Trainer