The Benefit Of Standing Desks: Buy An Adjustable Height Table

Sitting down for long periods may seem like an unavoidable part of office work, but choosing to buy an adjustable height table is a healthier option.

The Top Reasons To Buy An Adjustable Height Table

More people are choosing to buy a height adjustable table for their workspace to prevent health issues such as obesity.

An Adjustable Desktop Can Decrease The Risk of Obesity

Working in an office environment typically involves a lot of sitting, which is not good for your health. A lot of improvements have been made to office chairs to make them more ergonomic and comfortable, but this is still not a substitute for moving around. A height adjustable table sidesteps this problem by allowing for a more natural posture while working.

Obesity has been linked to living an inactive lifestyle and this typically involves a lot of sitting. Many people sit on their way to work, then sit at a desk while working and go home to relax by sitting in front of a television. The result is that the majority of the day is spent sitting, which is very unhealthy. An adjustable desktop can be an important step toward being more active at work. Obesity is much more than just a cosmetic problem; it can also lead to other serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke and even diabetes. Using an adjustable desk to stand instead of sit while working means burning more calories, which can help to decrease the risk of diabetes. It’s not a substitute for living a more active lifestyle and exercising, but it is one of the easiest ways to cut back on sitting all day at work while burning off excess calories.

A Height Adjustable Table Can Decrease Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have found that even just briefly standing can reduce blood sugar levels throughout the day. For people with normal desks, this involves making an active effort to do so, which can be difficult when engrossed in work. When you are already standing at your desktop, it is much easier to reap the benefits without having to constantly remind yourself that you need to stand up and move around.

In studies performed to determine blood sugar spikes in office workers after lunch, the results were also very encouraging for those who opted to stand instead of sit. The former saw a much smaller blood sugar spike compared to their sitting colleagues. High levels of blood sugar can cause everything from damage to the pancreas to atherosclerosis, strokes, and poor circulation, so it is definitely a cause for concern.

An Adjustable Desktop Is Good For Productivity

It is not only beneficial for your health to buy an adjustable height table, but also for your productivity at work. This is because sitting is not a natural position for human beings, and confining yourself to a chair all day can be painful. Everything from shoulder pain, backaches and leg cramps to headaches can be the result of sitting all the time. Standing is better, but it can also become painful if it is not something you are used to doing.

Being able to adjust your desktop is the ideal solution because it enables you to vary your position while encouraging you to be more active. The benefit is that when you feel more comfortable and have fewer aches or pains to distract you, you can be more productive. The mere act of standing while working can increase your alertness and sharpen your focus.

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