Are You Healthy? Check Out Your Butt!

We’ll be honest, we sit on our butts a lot, okay, fine, more than a lot. But, who can help it when there are amazing TV shows and even better movies? Scrap that, who can help it when most jobs now are desk jobs? 

For some odd reason we believe that all fat storage on a body is bad, but, wait for it, this belief may not be entirely true. We know that where fat gets stored in the body says a lot about a person’s health, okay, confusing. Let’s explain if your body stores fat close to your chest it tells a doctor that you might be in danger. But, if your body stores fat elsewhere, like in your hips, it means that the fatty acids are staying away from your heart, arteries, and the liver, which lowers your risk of heart disease and other health problems. 

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On a side note - apparently, women with a bigger buttocks could be more intelligent. Embrace that backside! Do we really need an explanation? Okay, let’s not cause offense and insult the small butts. Studies show that ladies with bigger bottoms need more Omega-3 fats, which promotes a healthy brain. 

Enough of the boring lecture. Let’s get to it and tell you what your back side is telling you. 

Square Buns 

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Normally, a person with a squarish back side either has a little extra fat around their love handles or could have weak glutes. This can easily be fixed with some glutes and core exercises which will make muscles stronger and burn off the extra fat. 

Circular Tushy

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This shape means you’re healthy. Those with rounded bottoms have stronger upper glutes, which means their squats are a lot more effective. 

Heart Shaped Posterior

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The rear-end every lady wants to have. This tushy is fuller at the bottom and gets slimmer at the top close to the waist. People with this bottom end normally store more weight in their upper thighs. It’s a desired shape but, as this person ages, this shape tends to lose fat and start to sag. 

Triangle Or “V” Shaped Heinie

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The tail end of an older woman. With age, the fat will start to move to other parts of the body because estrogen levels drop. If you have this bottom, start trying to shift your fat asap, you don’t want the fat to get stored in your chest, it means trouble could be around the corner! 

Booty, butt, buttocks, rear-end, backside, tail end, and tushy, whatever you call it and whatever shape you have, if you want to improve it, you can by working out them glutes. Check out how to work out your butt here.