Are Any of Your Home Services a Health Risk?

There’s three needs that a home has above all others. These are water, power and heat. Without any three of these, a home and the people within it are vulnerable to health problems or injury. In some parts of the world, heat can be replaced with “cooling” but the concept remains the same. 

When home services are functioning properly, there’s really not much to worry about. However, if they are installed incorrectly or damaged in some fashion, then it’s very possible for people to become injured or harmed. Specialist tradesmen are available to assist in fixing any issues with home services that may arise. This keeps the home a safer and healthier place. 

Electrical Services

Electricity is almost a do it all power source for your home. When an electrical service is working flawlessly, people often give it little thought aside from checking their bills. However, when electricity is not attached correctly, there can be issues. 

A standard voltage for electrical services in a home is 120 volts. Exposed wires can easily shock a person. Exposed wires in areas which have conductors like water can be dangerous or deadly. This risk is increased when considering young children or the elderly. Getting an electrician to repair damaged electrical services throughout the home is a no brainer. They can determine exactly where in a home electrical system the problem is coming from. 

Water and Sewer Services

Plumbing services break down into two different branches. The first is water. Obviously water is crucial to life and absolutely necessary in a home. Mostly water will come from a city or community. In other cases it may come from a privately dug well on a property. The second plumbing service is sewer service. Sewer removes wastes from toilets or other sources linked to the pipes. If service is not provided by a city of municipality, then a septic tank will be required. 

Getting a plumber to fix broken or leaking pipes is actually very important for health. Warm and damp environments can be a breeding ground for mold or bacteria. In addition, it’s very common for these areas to attract pests like cockroaches that can carry disease along with them. It’s always good to know a reputable plumber for potential problems. 

Natural Gas or Propane Services

Many are the people who hear about gas services and are worried about fires or an explosion. While this is theoretically a possibility if a gas is leaking in a confined space, the most likely health risk to people via gas is not an explosion. It’s possible for gas to burn inefficiently in a furnace, fireplace or stove that isn’t running well. In these cases, carbon monoxide can be produced. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that is extremely dangerous and causes death when too much is breathed in. Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed in any home which is using gas for heating, cooking or power. Wood burning stoves should also be included on that list. 

If a person believes they have any kind of damage to their gas service, they should shut it off, then call their service provider. While fires and explosions are very rare, it’s obviously better to be safe than to take a risk that something might be going wrong. Each gas company will have an emergency line. The “smell” of natural gas and propane is added to these odorless gases so that a leak is noticeable and can be addressed quickly before a serious issue can occur.