An Anklet Is a Vibrant Accessory to Add to Many Outfits

Women and men wear anklets in casual, formal and sometimes professional settings. The most common reason they wear this type of accessory is to enhance their overall appearance or the look of a particular type of outfit. The anklet complements both the ankle and apparel. Traditionally, people only wore certain types of anklets with specific garments. They typically only wore shiny chains and cuffs that featured sparkling precious or faux gemstones and charms with formalwear. They would wear casual anklet styles, such as leather-corded anklets, with summer shorts and bathing suits. Yet, times have changed how people wear anklets. Now, they mostly wear whatever style they feel best suits them at any particular time with any type of outfit.

Outfits That Look Good With an Anklet

Anklets look great with almost any type of outfit. People commonly wear anklets with apparel that shows off their ankles, such as bathing suits, shorts, skirts and mid-length dresses. No rules exist about wearing them. Plenty of people also wear them with jeans and pants. Some people covertly wear an anklet because they like the feel of it against their skin and the fact that they're wearing a "hidden" piece of jewelry. They might also wear an anklet with jeans, pants or a long dress in public just to experience amusement or pleasure from revealing their hidden anklet to others casually when they cross their legs while seated.

Any outfit of your choice might look great with an anklet. The style you pick depends on the event and your personal taste. That said, certain outfits look better or make more sense than others depending on the anklet style. For example, if you plan to enjoy a day at the beach, you might feel like a corded, shelled anklet or chain with one or more toe rings looks better than a wide cuff. Cuffs and chunky anklets are often worn when you want to draw attention to the anklet more than your ankle or clothes. For example, you might choose two encrusted gemstone or solid metal cuff anklets, one per ankle, when wearing a formal skirt outfit.

Styles of Anklets

A wide range of anklet designs exist. A woman or a man can find the perfect prefabricated anklet or hire a jeweler with expertise in this area to make them a custom, handcrafted one. Some of the most popular anklet styles include:

  • Beaded: This style is available as a single strand of beads in loosely gathered strands that gives the ankle a delicate appearance and as multiple rows of beads tightly woven together to draw attention to the anklet. Common styles include single color, multicolor and multicolored with patterns. You can secure a beaded anklet to your ankle with cords you tie or clasps. You can also find styles made of stretchy elastic that allows you to pull a beaded anklet over your foot.
  • Metal: When many people talk about buying an anklet, their first thought is of a metal chain or wire in gold or silver with or without knots, gemstones or charms. They might purchase a single strand or a complex design that combines multiple strands. You can find metal chain anklets that feature loose chains resting next to each other arranged in dangling, webbed and other patterns and strands that someone braided, wrapped, twisted or wove together. You can also find chain anklets that extend down the ankle across the feet to wrap around one or more toes.
  • Corded: Instead of a metal chain or wire, the anklet is made of some sort of material shaped into a cord, such as leather, cotton, ribbon or fabric. Corded anklets include bead options. They might also feature knots or complex braided or woven designs that contain charms, coins, gems, shells or even combinations of these materials. You might also wear beaded strands, chains or ribbons wrapped with cords.
  • Cuffs: A person wraps this type of anklet around the ankle in the same way they wear a wrist cuff. Designs include wide beaded, gemstone, metal and leather bands and combinations of these materials. When dealing with an open cuff, the wearer wraps the anklet around the ankle and then presses the sides in slightly to secure it in place. Some cuff anklets also have clasps.