After A Six Pack? You’ll Need To Avoid These Foods!

It’s admirable when you see someone sporting a ripped midriff; it’s not just that it looks nice, it’s the dedication, the spirit, the time, and the effort that goes into it. A lot of the time all it takes is seeing one seriously ripped dude or chick with an epic looking tummy to get you motivated and on your core sculpting journey. 

But, here’s the thing, it’s not just exercising that makes it possible, you’ll have to stay away from some foods that you love, too. So, what are the foods you need to cut out to get those killer looking abs? 

Refined Grains 

What are refined grains? 

In a nutshell, anything white. Go out of your way to buy whole grains instead. What are whole grains?

In another nutshell, anything brown. Brown rice, brown bread, and so on. Why? 

Whole grains haven’t been processed, so all the nutrients you need are there, whereas refined grains get processed, and lose all their nutritional benefits. 

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Potato Products

Yes, avoid potato chips like the plague. If you want to sport abs, potato chips have to go! 

Potatoes are loaded with starch and carbs, so while it’s okay in moderation, they just taste too good to control. So, it’ll be easier if you just stay away from it instead. 

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Processed Foods

Anything processed isn’t really good for you. They could either bloat you, make you gain weight, or be the reason you just can’t go to the bathroom. 

For processed foods to last longer, preservatives need to be added, which your body doesn't know how to get rid of. 

The alternative? Fresh food, fresh meat. In moderation, of course, you shouldn’t be going all out eating loads of protein. 

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Trans Fat

We’re all fully aware that the FDA is in an all out war against trans-fats, and if they’re concerned then that means we should be too. If you’re really serious about getting fit, ripped, and those to die for abs, then you’ll need to replace all the fats you’re used to eating with the healthy fats from coconuts, olive oil, or even avocados. Trans-fat will only help your body store more fat, increasing your fat percentage, and shift the fat to your belly, which is counterproductive. 

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Fat-Free/Zero Calorie

We all fall into this trap, and we really should be more aware of it. It’s easy to fall for the “Zero Calorie,” “Fat-Free” sign. The thing is studies found that either eating or drinking things with these labels actually make you gain weight, rather than helping you maintain weight. Again, it’s counterproductive. 

Your best option is to eat home cooked foods, and if you’re after something to drink (other than water) then try squeezing fresh fruits. Just make sure it all falls within your daily calorie intake. 

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