A Nice Cardigan Should Quickly Become a Favorite Piece of Clothing

The versatile cardigan is one of the most useful pieces you can have in your closet. All seasons are perfect for a cardigan. This piece of clothing will allow you to design a wide variety of outfits for any occasion. A cardigan can transform your outfit whether you are a man or a woman. It is a timeless piece for layering with many ways you can wear it. This timeless piece of knitwear has been made popular in recent years more than ever. It is certainly going to upgrade your style no matter what you are into.

You will find cardigans to be very practical. Although cardigans allow you to create trendy outfits, you have to be mindful of the pieces you choose so that you don't end up looking frumpy. Let's review the different style cardigans, how to make them the star of your outfit, and how to incorporate them in different seasons.

Styles of Cardigans

Various types of cardigan styles will make your outfit cozy and trendy. This type of knitted sweater is traditionally designed with an open front perfect for layering. They are usually made of linen, cashmere, and linen-cotton. Wool is becoming outdated because of the cruelty-free trend that has hit fashion. Let's review the many variations of cardigans:

  • Belted Cardigans - Belted cardigans can be long or short. The important factor with this style is to make sure the belt looks good around your waist. It works best with slender figures. If you have some extra volume around your waist, other styles will more suitably compliment your shape.
  • Cardigan Vest - This type of sleeveless piece is used by both men and women. It can make your outfit more dressy with the right garments. The length usually comes to the waist, the hips, or the knee. They are effortless to match with other clothing because they practically accentuate any type of outfit.
  • Cropped Cardigan - These attractive cardigans come down just below the chest area. They are usually made from very thin materials such as lace. The cropped cardigan is perfect for long dresses and nightgowns. Many of them come with buttons or hooks, but they can also be open. Both dressy and casual outfits are appropriate for a cropped cardigan. You will find some with short sleeves or three-quarter length tops.
  • Hooded Cardigan - This type of cardigan looks like a hooded jacket. They are usually open in the front but may have buttons or zippers as well. These are best with a casual look worn with jeans. This piece is very sporty and can even be made part of your athletic wardrobe.

Other honorable mentions include the long cardigan, button-up cardigan, shawl collar cardigan and the chunky knit cardigan. 

Outfits With Cardigans as the Star

Here are the best ways to make a cardigan stand out:

  • Casual Chic - Choose a monochrome color scheme or make your outfit unique with bold color and chunky knit. Glam up your look by rocking one shoulder bare or wearing it with a crop top.
  • Semi-Formal - To easily go from day to night, use a pencil skirt and a top with a slim-line style. Pair with a stylish pair of palazzo pants in a neutral color such as cream or sand.
  • Business Casual - Feel confident at the office with your favorite cardigan. It can be belted, cropped, or long. Simplify the look with black pants and a crisp shirt. You can also wear a long pleated skirt and use a thin belt to decorate your waist. Once you get off work, simply throw on a pair of jeans and you'll be ready for a casual evening.
  • Formal - Whether you're going to a wedding or the opera house, a cardigan is ideal for keeping yourself warmer and put together in any outfit. Use a monochrome look or be bold with oversized sleeves. It will certainly turn any semi-formal outfit into something fancy.

Cardigans In Different Seasons

Even in the summertime, cardigans are known to keep you comfortable inside with the air conditioning blowing. Cardigans are perfect for any time of year, making them one of the most popular wardrobe staples. Cardigans allow us to wear our favorite outfits all year round. Take for instance a lightweight dress or your favorite tank top. They are certainly the perfect piece for layering during colder months.

A breezy cardigan is perfect for warmer days paired with a cotton dress. If it is raining outside, a cardigan sweater and a scarf is sure to keep you cozy. With so many styles of cardigans made from a variety of materials, they are sure to be perfect with your favorite season looks. No matter spring, summer, fall, or winter, you will surely find cardigans to be a key component to sprucing up your favorite outfits.

There you have it! Now you are ready to bring more cardigans into your life and create a unique style while enjoying luxurious comfort.