A Day on the Golf Course is a Great Time

A day on the links can be an experience unlike any other. There are millions around the world who are merely working all week for their chance to get in 18 holes of golf on a beautiful Saturday morning. Golf is a special mix of skill and relaxation that just isn’t found in any other game or activity on the planet.

However, like many different games, golf needs a variety of tools and equipment to play correctly. Sure, clubs and balls are important, but the proper footwear makes walking the course more comfortable. The right sunglasses keep a person’s eyes healthy and comfortable. There’s many items needed to play the game that so many people.

Buying Clubs

There’s two ways to buy golf clubs. The first and most common way is to purchase a new set of clubs. Manufacturers are constantly tweaking and updating their club lineups as they increase the technology for hitting a golf club. Sporting goods stores are pretty common locations to pick up a set. Pro shops and the ubiquitous Golf Town superstores are also very popular. However, more and more people are buying golf clubs online.

When buying a club it’s possible to usually buy a full set. However, it’s more common to buy your sets in pieces. This is because putters and drivers are especially personalized equipment. Typically, a person will buy their clubs as a set of irons, a set of drivers/woods, a set of wedges and a putter. While buying piecemeal may seem like a bad idea, it lets people make sure that they get exactly the right clubs.

The other options is to buy some clubs used. Many people move on from perfectly good clubs every year or two, so finding a used set at a good price is very possible. Golf clubs don’t hold their value that well. At least, they don’t hold their value well for the people who want to buy new clubs every year.

Best Accessories For Golf

  • Best Sunglasses - There are a variety of sunglasses which people may choose to use while golfing. Looking long distances directly into the sun is not particularly good for a person’s eyes. Oakley makes several popular glasses including the M2 Frame XL and the Five Squared. The Cham Spectron 3 may look a bit silly, but are quite popular as well.
  • Best Rangefinders - The Bushnell Golf Pro X2 and the Tour V4 Jolt are excellent rangefinders which allow people to know exactly how far their next shot is going to be. The Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder is also an excellent choice.
  • Best Golf Bags - Typically, people will choose a golf back based on their favorite brand, or the brand of their clubs. Tour bags are the most luxurious options, but they are immense. They will carry everything, but you better have not skipped leg day. The Titleist Tour Staff Bag is one of the best in the world for amateurs. Stand bags are lighter and better for carrying, but not great in a cart. These stand bags can be placed on the ground and extra legs pop out to stabilize it. Finally, cart bags are the lightest of the group and are intended to be left on a golf cart for the duration of the round.

Buying a Golf Cart

When someone is truly serious about Golf, they may choose to purchase their own golf cart. Obviously, they are not going to be particularly interested in dragging their own cart around from course to course, so it’s far more likely to stay at one course with a membership. Before buying, make sure that a course is comfortable with storing it and has adequate storage for the cart. The other option for storing a cart is if your house is located right beside the course. Then it’s just a matter of putting it in your garage afterwards.