Our Review: The Top Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in many sizes, types, and models. The type you choose will depend on the intensity of hearing loss, the power you require, and features that fit your needs. We'll look at some highly-rated digital hearing aids so you can learn more about what is on the market for you.

Audicus Dia Digital Hearing Aid

The Dia is a behind-the-ear aid that helps moderate to severe hearing loss. It is rather small and comes in three colors. It also arrives with many sizes of ear buds so any size ear can use the product easily. There are four memory programs in the aid, including standard use, increased volume, more increased volume, and background noise. The first three are for normal situations, while the last is for areas like restaurants and bars, where a filter can help you hear voices more clearly.

Extra Features

There is an optional remote available that allows for change of channels without touching the actual device. The amplifier also has a button to change channels, if you prefer. There are 12 channels, along with two directional microphones. Adjustable volume is available, and a volume controller can be purchased. This hearing aid comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, along with a one-year warranty.

HCX Digital Hearing Aid

The HCX is a small, tan device that goes behind the ear. It has three settings consisting of high cut, quiet, and noise. Quiet is used in environments that require little filter, such as in your bedroom reading. The noise setting is useful for listening to higher-pitched voices, such as those of children. The last setting is the best for reducing high frequencies, such as when watching films.

This item has three sizes of ear buds to use, each of which is comfortable enough for extended use. There are 12 bands of frequency shaping, along with adaptive feedback cancellation. Also included is a pack of size 13 batteries and a six-month limited warranty.

Who is the HCX Best For?

The HCX offers a soft sound that will let you know when a battery is running low. It also has adjustable volume on the device that works with any planned settings. The chip helps to offer clear sound, no matter where you are listening. This hearing aid is best for people with varying degrees of hearing loss.

Hi BTE Digital Hearing Aid

The Hi BTE Power Plus offers processing based on directions to focus sound and keep out background noises that can be distracting. A 12-gain adjustment band allows for sound management, which aids in hearing precision. There is also a telecoil option that works well for use with a telephone or events such as church or school ceremonies. It also includes is a noise reduction system (with three different modes) and adaptive feedback manager. This device is best for people with greater levels of hearing loss. The added features help with focusing on conversations in person and over the phone. While it has various types of modern technology, it does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities.

What Does it Come With?

With the Hi BTE, you will get ear hooks and a set of batteries in size 312. There is a warning to let you know when these start to run low so you can have replacements ready. It comes in two colors. This makes it possible to match your skin or hair tone to make the device a lot less noticeable.

MDHearingAid Digital Hearing Aid

MDHearingAid FIT is great for adults who want a small device that is discreet but still offers excellent digital quality. It fits like a custom piece without requiring any molds. It is best for people with a mild to moderate amount of hearing loss. It has an in-the-ear design that doesn’t require extra parts, unlike many other hearing aids. If you like a closed fit, it also has domes that will fit into your ear canal. There are four sound-processing programs to give you control of your hearing. Level one is ideal for everyday conversation, while level four is best in big crowds or at loud parties. You can also use the volume dial to adjust how amplified noise is.


When purchasing this piece, you get a carrying case, cleaning tool, three sizes of ear domes, and size 10 batteries. There is a warranty of 90 days for defects and a 45-day satisfaction guarantee

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