The 5 Signs That You’re Just Overtraining Your Body

You’re set, you want to see results, and you want to see them pretty damn quick. You’ve been hitting the gym super hard working out your chest, shoulders, back, core, arms, legs, and you’ve even gone from a one-hour workout session to two or three hours at a time. 

But, did you ever stop to think you’re working a little too hard? Maybe tiring out each muscle groups way too much? Did you even consider that you’re training too hard? 

Yeah, you thought it, but how else are you supposed to reach your goals in 2 months or less? 

Not to point out the obvious, but if you push your body too hard, you probably won’t achieve your goals. Sometimes all you need is to rest and give your muscles time to recover. 

These are the 5 dead giveaways that your body is exhausted and isn’t going to change at the pace you want it to:

1- Guilt 

You feel really bad if you don’t spend two hours or more in the gym. It just doesn’t feel like you’ve worked at all. 

How to fix it:

Listen, after around 60 minutes, your cortisol levels will spike, meaning all the work you’re putting your body through is actually counterproductive. So, time yourself, you should be off the gym floor and in the shower after 45 minutes to an hour. 

2- Everything Fat-Free

You’ll skip meals if you can’t find a fat-free option because you think that’s how you’ll bring your body fat percentage down. 

How to fix it:

Okay, eating is necessary for your body to grow and build muscles, and there is such a thing called healthy fats. So, don’t ditch all the fats, your body does need it. Focusing too much on only eating healthy or clean foods is known as orthorexia nervosa, and can hold you back. So, prep your meals, don’t skip them all together. 

3- Ditching Family And Friends

Your gym session comes first, no matter what. Your anniversary doesn’t matter; a birthday doesn’t matter, the only thing that adds any value to your life is hitting the gym. 

How to fix it: 

Actually, ditch the gym and spend time with your friends and family, you’ll notice how much you’ve missed in the time you’ve been obsessing over everything gym related. 

4- Pain Threshold 

You push through everything no matter how bad the pain gets, and you’re putting yourself in an injury zone by doing this. 

How to fix it:

Stop, listen to your body. Your brain might be okay to keep pushing through, but your body isn’t. No one but you knows when enough is enough; so listen.

5- You’re Sick All The Time 

If you’re not sick, then you’re always in some sort of pain. Your muscles ache, and you get headaches from hell. And now, you can’t lift as much or do nearly as much as you could a month ago. 

How to fix it:

Rest! Yes, there is something called rest and a day off. So, take a day or two off from working out, allow your muscles time to recover and get stronger. 

The saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Listen to that wisdom; your body won’t react any faster if all you’re doing is wearing it out!