The 5 Exercise Machines You Really Need To Stay Away From

Walk into any gym; you’ll see a similar setup in every one: a section packed with odd-looking machines, a section for dumbbells, a section covered in benches with barbells, and a section for stretching. 

Exercise machines are pointless devices, at least that is what a lot of trainers will say. Why? That’s because the machines are just too simple, you’re pretty much working out one muscle, which is not how your body operates. 

If you want to see progress, then you need to workout and do exercises that will work more than one muscle at a time if you actually want to burn off some serious calories. 

That’s only one reason; the other reason is that you can actually injure yourself using these deadly machines because they force your body to move in a way that is just not natural. 

If you want to avoid injury and see progress, you’ll need to avoid these 5 traps: 

Lying Leg Press

Your legs are strong; they do have to carry all your bodyweight. So, how does it make sense that you should lie down and push your legs up to exercise your legs? 

It doesn’t; you’ll only end up giving yourself a back injury because you’ll have to push up which puts strain on your lower back. 

Seated Leg Extension 

It may look cool to see your muscles working while you push the weight up, but not until you figure out what it can do to your legs. The weight is really close to your ankles, meaning you're putting a lot of pressure on your knees. What will this do in the long run? Oh, just wear out the cartilage in your knees. 

Seated Chest Press 

Okay, sitting down and trying to push weights away from you isn’t exactly the most effective exercise technique. But, did it occur to you that using this machine could make you look uneven?

Yes, we all have one side that is stronger than the other, which is why you need to load the same amount of weight on both sides, to avoid one side being worked more than the other. 

Hip Abductor or Hip Adductor


Here’s a rule of thumb, if it looks pretty stupid, then it most likely is stupid! Okay, we can’t deny you feel a burn while you’re squeezing your legs together, or pushing them apart, but how many reps did you have to do before you felt the burn? 

Ah, you see our point, you’re better off learning how to do a single-leg squat. 

Loaded Standing Calf Raise

Remember that rule of thumb we told you about earlier? Yes, if it looks ridiculous, then it probably is. Whoever created this machine, had the best intentions in mind, that you would push weight up with your calves, but did you notice where the shoulder pads are? 

Yes, that means the weight is being pushed onto your spine, putting you at risk of injuring your back. 

Hey, the health scene is filled with gimmicks that don’t work, you’ll need to learn to tell what’s good for you and what’s not!