15 Tips Every Runner Needs To Know

Everyone exercises for different reasons, some want to get healthier, some have definite goals, some want to vent out their stress and anger, and others just because it makes them feel good. 

But whether you’re in a gym setting or an outdoor setting, everyone always has their own opinion on how you should be doing things. We’ve all heard some sort of advice at some point about how we should be doing some sort of exercise. 

You wouldn’t think there was much to know about running; you put one leg in front of the other as fast as you can, right? 

Well, no, there are some serious different running styles, and if you hang around some serious runners, you’ll learn just how complicated putting one leg in front of the other could be. 

So, before you go out for your next run, you’ll need to know what some serious coaches, trainers, and long-term runners advise: 

1- A Run A Day

It’s all about being consistent. Running every day will teach you to overcome any challenge that comes your way because you’ll have to push through your mental assumptions and physical burns. 

2- What’s Your Reason 

What prompted you to start running? When you’re struggling to stay motivated, just remind yourself why you started in the first place. 

3- Dress Comfortably 

There is a reason why there are different types of sports clothing, from training to running and yoga. They fall differently on your body and give you the support you need in just the right places. Don’t forget a pair of decent running shoes (they have a distance lifespan, so make sure to check out what it is for your shoes). 

4- Positivity Is Key

Running is great for stopping your brain from over-thinking your work life. But, whatever you do, don’t ever let your last thought and the end of your race to be about how tired you’re feeling. Finish your run feeling happy and positive, even if it means one more lap. 

5- Figure Out Your Pattern 

Get a calendar and mark the days you run with a color; for example, bad workout red, okay workout yellow, and great workout green. And make notes about your workout, maybe the time of day, if you were feeling under the weather, or maybe if you had a good or bad day at work. You’ll then be able to replicate what makes your workout good. 

6- Work On Your Flexibility 

Athletes use foam rollers for a reason; they help regain the flexibility you lose when you get stiff muscles. So, work on getting those muscles more nimble by rolling around on a roller. 

7- Don’t Layer Up 

You might start your run feeling a bit cold, but as your distance increases, you start to sweat a lot more. Instead of overheating, pull away some of those layers, and enjoy your run. 

8- Ditch The Partying 

Hey, we’re not saying always. If you know you’ve got a crazy training session or race coming up soon, skip the alcohol and keep your mind clear. 

9- Mix It Up 

If you’re running every day, you can’t expect your body to sprint run every time. So, if you’re running 6 days a week, go for an intense run, then a more relaxed pace the next day. Don’t try to push your body if it needs to rest; you’ll only regret it when you injure yourself. 

10- Don’t Compare

Some people are quick runners and others are slow, don’t compare yourself, judge your running based on your improvement every week. 

11- Drink Coffee

Have a cup of coffee not too long before your run; it’ll give a boost. What did you think pre-workout was? Yup, a caffeine booster. 

12- Slow And Steady Wins The Race

If you see a hill, you’ll be tempted to bolt up as fast as you can, but remind yourself to take it easy, you don’t want to injure your knees. 

13- Try Social Runs

Social runs are pleasant; you should be able to talk and run without feeling completely winded. Congratulations if you can, you’ve mastered your breathing technique. 

14- Talk About Running 

Tell people about your running goals, why? Because then you’ll have the motivation to keep on going. Once everyone knows what you want to do, you’ll feel like you have to prove that you can do it. 

15- Schedule A Race

Don’t keep putting it off; it’s not about winning the race, it’s about crossing that finish line. You’ll get addicted to that feeling, just trust us!