11 Things Every Extrovert Knows All Too Well

Everyone talks about the perils of being an introvert, like never wanting to leave the house, freaking out when the phone rings and being mistaken for a "shy person". 

What we never see is people discussing the difficulties that extroverts face, too! It may seem like extroverts have it easy with their above average social skills and upbeat personas, but underneath the bubbly exterior is a lot of hidden feelings.

These are the 11 things that extroverts have experienced all too often: 

1. We're expected to be fun 24/7


"Are you okay?" 

"You're in a bad mood today!" 

"Who stole your spirit?!" 

Just because you're usually the life of the party doesn't mean you to be switched on at all times!Sometimes, you just want to lay low and be a wallflower or a people watcher for a couple of hours. Extroverts need alone time too to recharge and process events, and everyone thinking you're having a mental breakdown just because you haven't cracked a hundred jokes does not make life any easier! 

2. No one understands why you need your  'Advice Clique'


Okay, if you're an extrovert, there's a 99% chance you have a group of at least three people who get the same copy-pasted message every time something major happens. 

You know, the messages that start with "OKAY. SO."

Although people think you're an attention seeker for telling what seems like the entire world all your problems, extroverts process events better when they have discussions with others. 

Just because you prefer to mull things over with friends rather than on your own doesn't mean you want attention!

3. You're Sick of the "Quirky Introvert" Trend


Oh, you're an introvert? That must mean that you're a magical intellectual who prefers reading to parties, wine to vodka, and you're just so darn adorable and "quirky" for wanting to stay in all the time!


Don't get us wrong, extroverts have no issues with introverts. In fact, the two are highly compatible- we technically complete each other! But the entire fetishized introvert culture that has taken over the internet is just a little too much to handle. 

Why? Because of this next one.

4. People Assume You're Jerk


Because all introverts have been made to sound like extremely cute human angels, anyone who has decent social skills is labeled a jerk or a show-off. 

There is a huge difference between a narcissist and an extrovert, and people need to learn that ASAP!

5. Everyone Thinks You're Flirting With Them


Ask any introvert you know, and they'll probably tell you that they have been wrongly labeled the flirt of the office or classroom. 

You may think that you're just being friendly, but the other person is thinking "she/he wants it." No, thanks. 

6. You Make the First Move 99% of the Time


People often get so used to you being the event planner of the group, that they just slack off completely. This can be hurtful since it just ends up with you always having to make an effort to see the other person.

7. You've Gotten Shushed In Public By Your Introverted Friend 


This one is all too real. You could be halfway through a sentence when all of a sudden your company decides to interrupt you and tell you that you need to keep your voice down. 

We understand that our voices can be a little louder than average, but that's only because we get really excited when we're telling a story! If you're an introvert reading this, next time try to say it in a way that doesn't make us want to bury ourselves in the ground. 

8. You're Constantly Worried About Being a Bit "Too Much"


This is an offspring of point #7. You always feel like you need to censor your excitement because those around you have often informed you that you are being a little overwhelming. Which can hurt... a lot. 

9. FOMO.


Extroverts want to be everywhere, all the time. There are no company drinks that we miss, no night out we don't go to, and no gathering we don't attend. 

Having to call one thing off in favor of another makes us anxious. What if the thing we called off was actually more fun than the thing we went to?

10. You Need People to Recharge


This is a massive problem that people often don't talk about. Just like an introvert needs their alone time to recharge their energy, extroverts often lose motivation and spark when they spend too much time on their own. 

It becomes an issue in situations where you're new to town and don't have friends yet, or when all your friends are busy and you're stuck at home with just way too much energy and nothing to expand it on! 

11. You Lose It When They Lose Eye Contact


As soon as the person you're speaking to looks away, you immediately think they've lost interest in what you're saying, which isn't necessarily true. 

This is an issue that extroverts and introverts often clash on. While introverts feel highly uncomfortable with extended periods of eye contact, extroverts need it to sustain the conversation. Finding a middle ground can take time, but it's doable!