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Long Term Care Mar 01, 2018

At Home Exercise Care for Seniors

Exercise is a very important part of senior care, but unfortunately, many seniors are not getting enough. Moderate daily exercise has many benefits for the body including increased strength, stamina, flexibility and much more.
Long Term Care Aug 25, 2017

How Can I Start a Medical Transportation Business?

Individuals who are incapable of riding city transportation to physician appointments, most likely to adult day-care services or run duties need non-medical transportation. A non-medical transportation company calls for proper tools and insurance policy to safely transfer those who may be in a mobility device.
Long Term Care Jul 12, 2017

Top Ways Stairlift can Improve Your Quality of Life

Reclaiming access to your home’s staircases is as easy as installing a stairlift. A stairlift allows you to move from one floor to the next with ease, removing the limitations that once existed due to disability, which make it difficult or impossible to climb the stairs.